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Do it yourself guide to launching a new website

Want to launch a new website? Then here is what you need to do.

Choose the domain name with lots of care

Domain names are one thing that the search engines look carefully at. So if you want a do it yourself guide to launching a new website then pay a lot of attention to the domain name. Choose a domain name for your website that is highly relevant and also easy to remember. It should also incorporate the main keyword if you want it to rank higher. However, make sure to understand that it should not feel that the keyword has been forced in the domain name. At Yogsoft we use many tools that help us to brainstorm about the name ideas of a domain name based on what is readily available.

Select a web hosting provider who is reputable

Google is very clear about this. You need to have a good site speed to rank higher on SEO. Visitors are very impatient these days. They want that the webpage should be visible within seconds. So Google makes it a big priority to rank only those websites higher that have a very low loading speed. The best way Yogsoft does this is to make use of the web hosting provider that lets the site to load faster and also deliver speed that is consistent.

Perform an adequate keyword search

A big part of SEO is to know how to do a keyword search. For this, you will need to have a fair idea about the subject areas and the main terms that you need to focus on and which will help to SEO your website. There are many SEO tools that help to offer suggestions on keyword searches. They also give you data on the traffic amount and the competition when you deal with each of these keywords. Most of these websites will ask you for a subscription fee however there are many free keyword search tools as well.

The architecture of your website should be planned well

If you want to start with a website with very few pages then this may not seem to be very relevant as of now. But it is still smart that you plan the structure of your website in advance so that you yourself have a good structure in place. This gives a pyramid structure to your website where you can sequentially place the pages based on its importance. This also makes your website look organized and throws are very professional attitude which is something that your website viewer would look for.

Your website should have very intuitive navigation

The do it yourself guide to launch a new website talks about website architecture. The architecture of your site will help your customers to easily navigate through your website. When you build a new website all by yourself and from scratch then you should always put yourself in the shoes of your customer. This will let you to think about what your clients may want on your site and you can accordingly keep offering to them the best solution.