How to automate Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts

A very important aspect of digital marketing is to create posts that are engaging. It is important that you promote content continuously on social media. This helps to improve viewership and attracts more clients. You would want to publish a post on your social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. whenever there is something new on your website. At Yogsoft ,here are the tools that we use to automatically post content on social media sites.

It is very difficult to manage posts on social media sites. You need a full team to motor and post on social media sites regularly. If you want to avoid this then try out these tools that auto post content on social media. This allows scheduling the content and posting them as per schedule.

Tools for auto post on social media

Below are some popular tools that let you post automatically on social media.


Buffer is another popular tool that lets you to auto-post to your social media account. It is clean and is simple to use and it is also a very easy interface to understand and so you will be able to post the schedules and updates using the Buffer dashboard.

Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is one of the simplest a very easy to use social media management tool that is easy to understand and can also do automated social media posting. It also has an independent site of reporting and RSS feed.


Hootsuite is the best of the social media posting tools. It covers a wide part of the social media networks and it shares your post automatically. It can post on the pages and also share posts from one to the other social media sites. It can schedule many posts for sharing on social media sites and monitors the activities of many social media platforms. You can manage schedule and auto-share on five social networks only with the basic account.


Mentionlytics is a social media monitoring system and an analytical tool that is known widely. Now it also has a capability of full publishing which makes it a complete social media marketing site available in the market. You will not have to pay anything extra for it as it is a part of your basic plan. This lets you to enjoy a lot of features for a very low cost.


Dlvr is another of the popular tools of auto-posting that lets you post content across my of the social media networks. You also can share the content on your favorite sites through this tool. You are also allowed to filter out what you share this lets you find content from any specific author or category.


Today no business can sustain without promoting their business on digital marketing and social media platforms. This gives the need for efficient and reliable tools that can manage the post and monitor them too. The above is the list of the best of the automated social media posting tools that are available in the market.