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Digital marketing strategy: What to expect and how to manage it ?

We’ve all heard the management adage: “You can’t manage what you don’t understand.” Unfortunately, digital marketing has gotten so complex, specialized, and fast-moving that it’s harder than ever for busy CEOs and entrepreneurs to understand what is really going on. Their digital marketing strategy often consists of hiring the best channel specialists they can find and managing them the best way they know how. But there are too many times in meetings when they think, “What is the meaning of [some digital marketing term or method] and why does it matter?”

My goal with this article is to clear up some of the confusion, while at the same time shedding some light on 1) what you can expect from your efforts and 2) how to manage them more effectively.

First let’s look at some realities.

1. What worked for another company may or may not work for you. The problem with the guys who claim to be able to get you on page 1 of Google results in two weeks—or any other big promise—is that what worked for another company is absolutely, positively, not guaranteed to work for your company.

I can point to one of our clients, who was literally swamped with leads—hundreds of leads per month—after we added two words to her advertising campaign. Yes, they were the right words; we were appealing to the Mindset of her customers. Yes, we try like crazy to get this same success for all of our clients. But every client, product, service, market, and customer base is different. It takes a lot of focused effort to figure out what is going to work for you. Which brings us to my second point.

2. Digital marketing is a lot of work. It takes time to find the winning strategy. Don’t be fooled by the folks who make it sound easy. There is so much to this. Before you even develop your strategy, you have to interview current customers to find out why they bought from you, and understand their Mindset when they set out to buy.

According to online experts from a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, you cannot expect immediate results. In other words, strategies like SEO, SMM, and others will require some time to start showing results. Having a proper plan of action that can help guide your digital marketing efforts is essential. Many businesses make the mistake of creating adhoc strategies and abandon them when they do not see results. The key is to have a long-term plan and invest strategically over a defined period.

You have to look at what the competition is doing and what’s working for them, including the keywords they’re being found for and the keywords that are resulting in the most clicks; the ads they’re running and which ones are working best; the content they offer as click bait; the promises they are making and how those promises align (or don’t align) with the customer’s Mindset.

You have to be honest with yourself about how well your company is going to be able to keep the promises you make in your marketing.

You need to understand the channels where they expect to find you, and the role of those channels.

All of this takes hard work.

3. Not all specialists are good specialists. So many people have moved into the digital marketing specialist space. There are probably millions of people specializing in the various channels: SEO, online ads, sites, social, video, email . . . and within those channels, each specialist has his or her own favorite set of tools and methods. There are also people who specialize in the creative, data, and project management sides of the equation—copywriters, designers, researchers, metrics specialists, and project managers.