Tools that our WordPress developers can vouch for

To create and to manage a website there is much more than its layout and design. Like before you start the design you need to first install a WordPress. And to use WordPress on your site you need to make use of the appropriate tools. Yogsoft uses highly professional tools in order to streamline the WordPress development process and as a team of expert WordPress developers, they know exactly which tool will be perfect for you.

Toolkit for every developer

If you have tried out WordPress then you will know that its development needs some of the best toolkits. Chances are that you already have them and you are not aware of it. There are many tools that will let you to explore your goals. Listed below are some of the best WordPress tools that the WordPress developers vouch over.


Atom is a text editor of the cross-platform typos and it is built with the Node.js. Atom can be used to edit almost every kind of file. It also supports many themes and extensions. You will also be able to use Atom in order to collaborate on various projects that occur in real-time. Atom is open-source which works seamlessly with the overall goals and aims of WordPress.

Buddy Works

Buddy Works is a simple development tool of WordPress that offers seamless integration as compared to the CI/Cd tools. It is capable of integration with BitBucket and GitLab and is automated deployed with the platform of cloud sharing like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Buddy Works aims to make it very easy for the developers to automate the entire process. This also stands ahead of the other WordPress tools. With its many attractive features like a fast update time and with better UX it makes this WordPress login stand out among the many tools of WordPress development.


Deployer is one of the best of the automated tools that is available for the WordPress developers. It helps to save many errors and lets you to discover bugs on the site. The WordPress user will be able to manage various projects at one go and this allows faster deployment when you uses Deployer. An open-source tool for the deployments that are PHP based, Deployer is the ideal WordPress development tool that should be used by all WordPress developers.


If you wish to have structured documentation for the post and ensure that your final draft is readable then Dimer is the development tool that you need.  A blessing for all new users Dimer helps to overcome the challenges that are posed when through the compiler errors. It lets you find the right document and theme. The WordPress plugin has another very remarkable feature which is the slick cloud editor.  This lets the user to main a very free-flow style when he writes along many projects lying up in his pipeline. Dimer allows very smooth integration along with GitHub. It also lets the viewers to be able to switch between various languages on the site.


Draftium is a WordPress prototyping tool that is highly sought after. It helps in structuring the website in just a few minutes using the pre-built block that is 250 in number and the porotype templates that are 300. The prototyping tool operates in a very basic UI which is very clean too. This makes it easy to use and lightweight. Users will be able to find many of the engaging templates that are easily customizable using an editing tool. This helps to remove any of the unwanted elements, content, and block that aid fast visualization. WordPress developers use Draftium because it helps to streamline the process of blogging and get the projects to roll in no time at all.


Parcel is one of the most fascinating of the WordPress plugins if you as a WordPress developer are looking for the best tool for WordPress. Parcel acts as a bundler to build web applications. The WordPress toolset offers to give complete support to CSS, HTML, and JAVA scripts. It is known as the fastest and the most reliable of the web application bundlers.