New slot game trends

Want to keep with the latest trends in the slot arena? Here is a look into the top trends in 2020 slot games that you’ll want to know about.  

The hold and respin feature 

This slot mechanic has been making waves in the last few months and it’s really no wonder – with this feature a jackpot or bonus symbol is locked into placed and the other symbols on the reels can be re-spun to create winning combinations. The aim of the game is to collect the biggest reward as possible and this enticing game has not only been attracting lots of new players but it also keeps players playing for longer. Because it’s such a popular feature and has proven to be highly profitable for online casinos, you’re bound to see more slots with a hold and re-spin feature in the near future. 

Skill-based bonus games 

The online slot industry is continuously trying to appeal to young adults so that they can get more new players and one of the ways they are doing this is to replace traditional features of slots with more innovative trends including making slot more like social games.  

For example, numerous slots are now including skill-based bonus games where players have the opportunity to influence the outcome of the slot depending on if they can solve a puzzle or shoot a target for example. Although they are called skill-based games, the vast majority still rely heavily on chance but they still make the slot much more interactive than traditional slot games.  

Interactive slots 

3D slots gave us a taste of slots which were more interactive with the characters interacting with players, but new slot trends include slots that are far more interactive than ever before. Not only are these slots highly immersive with impressive graphics, animations and soundtracks, but the characters in the slots help to narrate the story and illustrate the theme of the slot, creating a much more interesting and intriguing experience for the player. Some games offer players the chance to choose the interactions of the character which adds another element of entertainment to the game.  

Virtual reality slots 

Although virtual reality technology has been around a few years, the technology itself is still in its infancy but recently advanced graphics and improved technology have meant that virtual reality casinos are now slicker and more realistic than ever before. This could mean a huge shift towards virtual reality casinos in the future, where players can select a life-like avatar to walk around the virtual casino floor, interact with other players, sit at the bar, look out the window as the realistic cityscape and select which slot machine they would like to play. It’s a trend that may have been slow to get off the ground, but there are a number of VR slots on the horizon.  

While trends come and go, it will be interesting to see how these trends unfold and if they will become permanent and popular features of slots in the future.