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Here are the best websites for free hosting

Who does not like things for free? So do we at Yogsoft too. If you are looking for such a thing then here is the solution. Get the Best websites for Free hosting and save money and get the web hosts that are among the best in the marketplace.

List of the Best websites for Free hosting  

There are many of the free hosts and we highly recommend them to you. You can keep these free hustings for as long as you wish to. These offer many features like that of the paid plans. You can also upgrade the services. Once you have a website that is up and running then you may want to upgrade these web hostings as per your need.


Your first pick here undoubtedly is InfinityFree. This is not just a free website hosting provider but it is free of ads too. This makes it highly alluring. With unlimited bandwidth and space and also with a good speed and uptime InfinityFree does stand out among the rest. The Free SSLs and the 400 MySQL makes it even more tempting.


Byet.Host is free and it is feature-rich too Byet.Host is equipped with many hosting services and that too without any ads. There are unlimited add-ons that you get to enjoy. You also get the Vista Panel and the MySQL database. These are only some of the features of this web hosting tool that you can make use of. You also get access to their free customer help desk. Also when you use Byet.Host then you get great loading speed of your website.


Freehostsing offers a free plan that is highly progressive and offers a great hosting solution. This can also serve more than 30k users in a single day. It gets you one add on domain cPanel and a site builder as well as unlimited traffic. You also get a 10GB disk space which could be a slight drawback as compared to the other free hostings.


AwardSpace is one of the best websites for free hosting that offers short domains for free along with an extension. It has a 5GB bandwidth and a 1GB disk space. You also get access to 24/7 customer support. You get 1 domain and also 3 subdomains hostings, one-click installer for WordPress, and also Joomla that is combined with the web-based file manager. You also get the MySQL database that makes it good as well as cheap as the other hosting services that are present out there. It is also completely free of ads and that is its other benefit.


Freehostia comes with many essential features of hosting on the control panel. It also operates a highly efficient customer help desk. It is a good and free hosting option that helps you to experiment with creating websites. However, it has limitations of the disk space, MySQL storage and bandwidth.


Here are the Best websites for Free hosting that you should really make use of. While there are many paid hosting plans sometimes it is possible that you want to throw the projects quickly and at no cost.