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Biggest Slot Wins in History

Not only are slot machines easy and enjoyable to play, but as the big winners know well, they can be highly lucrative and can turn players into millionaires with a single bet. You might be surprised to know that some of the biggest wins in history have been from players landing the jackpot on a slot game! This has been made possible by slots which have huge, life-changing progressive jackpots which give players the opportunity to skyrocket their bankroll in a single spin. As a result, many players have won seriously huge jackpots from the best slot sites, often multi-million-pound jackpots in both online and land-based casinos all from playing progressive slots.  

What is a progressive slot?  

As the name suggests, a progressive slot is a slot game which has a jackpot which progressively increases each time a player places their bets until one very lucky player bags the jackpot. The jackpot will then revert back to a pre-set jackpot amount and the process starts all over again. Many players choose to play when the jackpot reaches huge amounts as thousands of players play for the jackpot simultaneously.  

Thanks to online progressive jackpots, the prizes on offer are even bigger than those which were previously up for grabs in land-based casinos as online casinos allowed even more players across the globe to play the same slot game and build up the progressive jackpot.   

The biggest jackpot slot wins in history 

The Guinness World Record for the largest online slot win is currently £13.2m and this jackpot was won by Jon Heywood back in 2015 while he was playing the famous Mega Moolah slot at an online. There have been many other overnight millionaires made by online slots, including one lucky Aussie who won a whopping $10.4m Australian whilst playing the Batman-themed Dark Knight slot. 

There have also been many land-based casino slot winners, of course, and one of the most lucrative wins in history on a land-based slot game was won on the Megabucks slot machine in Las Vegas. If you fancy a trip to Las Vegas, you can play on one of the 700 Megabucks slot machines across the state which are all linked together to create the pooled progressive jackpot. One of the biggest recent wins from the Megabucks slot is a life-transforming $11.8 million USD.  

One famous lucky winner of the Megabucks was Elmer Sherwin, who was a very lucky man indeed as he hit the jackpot bagging himself $4.6m back in 1989 and his luck just kept on coming when he won again in 2005 at the age of 92. It looks like the enjoyment of gambling and playing slots kept in young at heart! His 2005 win saw him walk away with a whopping $21.1m which he generously shared with charities and his family before his passing. 

Another lucky gent who played the Megabucks placed a $100 bet on the slot back in 2003 and win a record-breaking $39.7 million, a jackpot so big it still remains one of the biggest wins in slot history.