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Best Times To Play Bingo

Bingo players can indulge their love of bingo with a bingo game around the clock. The beauty of online bingo is that it offers bingo games 24/7 and all games can be accessed from a device of your choosing. With the invention of mobile bingo, you do not even need to be at home to play, as you can play bingo on the move on your smartphone and other mobile devices of your choosing. Bingo players can also visit land-based bingo halls if they fancy a night out that combines bingo with other entertainment such as music and dancing, in fact, it is a great time to be a fan of the game – click to view online bingo UK.

Today is a far cry to pre 1996, back then, bingo could only be accessed by visiting a bingo hall that would only offer bingo games and not much more, entertainment wise. Although online bingo is far more popular than visiting a land-based bingo venue and the social element is preserved through chatrooms, there are still those who prefer bingo halls. These have had a facelift of late however, to appeal to a younger audience who are the future of the game. 

Is 24-Hour Bingo A Good Thing? 

 24-hour access to bingo online is handy because it can fit into people’s daily schedules. The variety of bingo games available is unmatched too. However, record numbers of people are now playing bingo online and this of course translates in record competition for prizes. 

Rush Hour 

If there is a best time to play bingo online, then it would be off peak. Avoiding rush hour means that you avoid the crowds and this increases your chances of winning. Unfortunately, many bingo players want to play bingo at the weekend as part of their leisure time regime, but weekends are peak times because people are off work. Weekday bingo playing is best and if you follow the typical 9 to 5 working patterns of the masses and play around them, then you give yourself an advantage. Peak times during the week are as follows, 7am to 9am and again from 5pm to 11pm, Monday to Friday. Playing bingo between these hours or between 12am and 7am are best. 

Free Bingo 

All bingo sites offer a free period of bingo at some point during the day. Sometimes promotions allow players to win free periods of bingo in exclusive rooms too. Some sites allocate an hour where a certain number of games will be free, whilst other sites have fixed times everyday where you can get 6 or more free tickets on the house. The best options are free bingo tickets at off peak hours because free bingo sessions are tremendously popular. 

Final Thoughts 

With more people playing bingo now than before, it is best to play during off peak hours, as you will avoid the crowds and the increased competition that comes with them. This means searching for those weekday quiet periods and with mobile bingo, this means you can access bingo sites during these quiet zones, no matter where you are.